Helping children with disabilities

What We Offer

Our therapists offer a comprehensive range of assessment, therapy and consultative services. Services are provided in the child's home, preschool or school. Our therapists also provide information, support and advice for parents, carers, and educators. Our therapists also provide support, consultancy and/or training to schools.

Our speech pathologists can help with:

Complex communication needs

Social Skills - developing friendships, expressing feelings

Speech sounds

Expressive (spoken) language

Listening and understanding skills

Literacy Skills - reading and spelling

Prescription, training and programming for assistive technology for communication in daily routines

Eating and swallowing problems


Our occupational therapist can help with:

Self-care - toileting, dressing, eating, sleeping, hygiene

Improving hand skills and function, strength and dexterity

Handwriting support

Visual perceptual difficulties

Sensory processing issues

Motor planning and coordination difficulties


Environmental modifications in homes and schools

Prescription and review of assistive technology for personal care, seating, wheelchair, self-care sensory equipment