Christine Porter

Christine Porter

Speech Pathologist, Director

Christine has a special interest in complex communication needs and assistive technology. She has worked in Western Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Central Western NSW with children and young adults with speech, language and/or learning difficulties and with students with complex needs since 1991.  Aside from a busy clinical load, Christine has consulted extensively with local schools to provide education about speech and language impairment and whole class/whole school resources and strategies within the context of funded projects.  She presented a whole day workshop for speech pathologists in 2018 on supporting children with complex communication needs using low and high tech augmentative and alternative communication.

Christine was part of the team researching the use of a personalised story application to increase social interaction for students with severe expressive communication disability in 2012 to 2015, a project that was joint funded by EnhanceABILITY and NSW Department of Education’s Special Schools as Centres of Expertise. Christine presented at the Spectronics, AGOSCI and SEPLA conferences about this research.  In 2016 Christine was part of the eCOST (Effective Communication Strategies Resource) Team to assist teachers to facilitate the communicative participation in the classroom for children with speech, language and social communication difficulties in primary schools in Bathurst area.  Christine completed a project at a local high school to increase curriculum access and engagement for students with poor literacy outcomes in 2017 and 2018. She consulted at Carenne School for Special Purposes to assist with the implementation of the whole school communication system in 2018 and 2019.

Christine is passionate about the right of every individual to be able to tell his or her story and to be able to communicate with others for social closeness, friendship and fun. Christine also prides herself on knowing more about technology than her children.


C Moses

Catherine Moses

Occupational Therapist, Director

Catherine has over 25 years’ experience working as an Occupational Therapist in a variety of roles with children and adults. Over the past 15 years Catherine has worked in both clinical and managerial roles providing support to children and their families. She has worked in government and non-government sectors including early intervention, special education settings, and child wellbeing and protection. Catherine is passionate about working with children and their families to assist them in achieving the best possible life outcomes. Catherine has extensive experience working with children with autism, physical and developmental disability. Her special interests are in sensory processing and trauma. Catherine enjoys working within a person/family centred framework in home, school and in community settings, helping and supporting children do what they want to do, need to do or are expected to do in their daily lives. 

Catherine has also provided consultancy service to schools, providing educational workshops, assessment clinics, and whole class self- regulation programs and enjoys promoting the benefits of Occupational Therapy.






Alison Brown

Speech Pathologist

Alison has extensive experience with working with school-aged children from kindergarten to Year 12 with speech and language difficulties. She joined the EnhanceABILITY team in 2018. Alison has extended her areas of expertise to working with children with social communication difficulties, trauma backgrounds and Autism Spectrum Disorder since joining the team.  In 2020 Alison will be consulting with a multidisciplinary team to advise on learning planning for children with complex needs in the school system along with maintaining her clinical load.